Vellimalai Shiva Temple, the Mount Kailash of India

Restoring the heritage spiritual centre & Vellimalai Shiva temple



Sirmalai is a sanctified region of 60,000 acres situated 25 km from Dindigul and 90 kms from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Sirumalai is a dense forest region with an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level; it also contains diversified flora and fauna. It’s believed that Lord Hanuman has dropped here some portion of the Sanjeevani Hills and it is therefore called as Sirumalai (Small Hill).

Vellimalai Temple

Vellimalai Temple is situated in Sirmalai Agasthiapuram which is a holy place where Siddhas (Monks) have lived since ancient times. The region is surrounded with medicinal herbs and plants. In the top of the hill there is a historic Shiva Lingam, which believed to be worshipped by Maharishi Agasathiar & Maharashi Bharadwaja. This Shiva Temple is called Vellimalai Shiva Temple. It’s said that this Vellimalai (Silver Hills) has been surrounded by 27 small hill points called ‘kundru’, that representing the 27 Stars & 27 Siddhas.

Vellimalai Hill

Vellimalai Hill (Silver Hill) is located between a small river called ‘Sembodai’ (river of bronze) in the Southern side of the hill and another starting point of a river called ‘Swarna theertham’ (golden pond) in the Northern side of the hill. On the top of Vellimalai, Maharishi Agasthiyar had sanctified a Shiva Lingam under the shade of an Amla tree with four branches, representing four vedas and four yugas.